Isaac Watt’s Memorial Chapel

The church was first opened on the 15th October 1932 as Winchester Road Congregational Church, in the building which now serves as the church hall, toilets and kitchen.  It was situated in a, then, largely undeveloped area of Southampton and needed strong support from other Congregational Churches and the local Congregational Council to become established.

In 1940, Above Bar Congregational Church was destroyed in an air raid on Southampton and was not rebuilt.  Our church became the main beneficiary of funds from Above Bar Church and these were used in the building of the present church, adjoining the original one.

The new church opened on the 29th October 1960 as Isaac Watts Memorial Church, named after the hymn writer who had worshipped at Above Bar Church.  In due course we became part of the United Reformed Church, when Congregationalists and Presbyterians amalgamated, and are now included in the South West Hants Group of the U.R.C.

Sunday Services usually commence at 11am, communion is on the 4th Sunday of each month.  Church Meeting is every other month after the morning service.  Young people, whatever the age are welcome at this Church.  They share in the opening of Family Church then proceed to Junior Church.

2nd Monday of the months of Feb.-July, Sept.-Dec. :

12.30pm Community Lunch (Contact Eve Scally on 02380323602 for more information).

 2.00pm  The Guild - After the Community Lunch - (Contact May Noyce on 02380771134 for more information).

1st Thursday of the month:    2.30pm   The Thursday Fellowship (Contact Marilyn Cousens on 02380778585for more information).

3rd Saturday of most months:  10am-noon Coffee Morning (Contact Jill Doherty on 02380701973 for more information).

Monday Evenings:  Boys' and Girls' Brigades (Contact the Captains Rose and Dave Doswell on 02380872648for more information)

Girls' Brigade - Explorers                               6.00pm-7.15pm
                             Juniors                                   6.00pm-7.15pm
                             Seniors & Brigaders            7.00pm-8.45pm

Boys' Brigade - Anchor Boys                        6.00pm-7.15pm
                              Junior Section                      6.00pm-7.15pm
                              Company Section                 7.15pm-8.45pm

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